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4th. friends of dale's describe him as a religious man. he is also known for giving back. friends say he was the first to fly his plane with a group of volunteers to new orleans after hurricane katrina hit. a coworker says dale was an experienced pilot. >> there's nothing he can't do, it seems like. he's a very good pilot. i've flown with him a number of times. he's very meticulous in everything that he does. safe. if anybody could land that plane, i think he could. >> reporter: today, the family went waiting for word to see if anything has been discovered. i just spoke with sheriff's deputies in idaho. they have suspended the search tonight because of darkness, but
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they will be back out there again tomorrow morning. they say that they are not expecting a lot of snow overnight, which certainly is a good sign, but the big concern now is the cold temperatures. it is expected to drop to zero overnight in that area. thank you. we also have a developing weather story. freezing temperatures are on their way. our live network of cameras have a shot of emeryville. a lot of snow. you can see the snow from our i-80 camera near donner lake. >> we're tracking all of this polar air getting drug down here. some of our guides are indicating by 10:00 p.m. tonight we could have mid to upper 30s. livermore 37.
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san jose 42. those numbers are expected later on this evening. critical freeze warning here. the most important will be up in the north bay. temperatures will range 25 to 36 degrees. you want to make sure you protect those pets and bring those plants inside. coming up, we're going to tell you who is going to get down to 26 degrees by wednesday. we do want to continue our coverage right now with chris san which she hchez sanchez. are you feeling that chill just yet? >> reporter: i am. we strung up an old-school thermometer here. a nursery has sold six cases of it alone today.
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as customers try to protect citrus plants. if you can't move those plants, you don't want to dig them up, you can also use one of the sprays on the market that protects the leaves from the frost. if you don't have time to protect your plants before the frost tonight, you still have a chance to save them if you hose that frost off early in the morning. >> get the ice off your plants as quickly as possible if you didn't get a chance to go out and cover them. it's not the best method, but it's a backup plan. >> you don't have worry about fruit trees like apples or pears because they need the cold for next harvest.
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pansies don't mind the weather as well. we put some more tips on our website. or we will shortly. we also have a list of the shelters that are open for people who are exposed tonight. you can find that at as well. >> you can also track our weather conditions there. click on to our weather tab, then maps and radar. it's a great resource. we update it in realtime. santa clara police arrested a man today for shooting his wife. it happened just after 11:00 this morning. the woman was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. in pleasanton tonight, police are asking for the public's help in finding a
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13-year-old. friends and family haven't heard from her since sunday when she was riding in a car with three unknown men. while she left home willingly, she's considered at risk because of her age. she was last seen wearing black pants and a blue-green sweatshirt with the word diamond on the front. six months of failed negotiations, two strikes, and now a lawsuit. bart's two largest unions are suing management over the breach of contract. >> reporter: here's the lawsuit that was filed with the alameda superior court in oakland. when i started showing it to some passengers, they just start started shaking their head. to them it means drama. drama they just don't need.
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>> it's kind of unfair at the same time because there's so many of us who want to get from point a to point b. >> reporter: she weathered two strikes and six months of bart negotiations. she says a lawsuit is just too much. >> it affects so many people. we just want to take bart. >> reporter: the unions say, they just want a contract. >> we filed a lawsuit to have the courts tell them you must take the complete package. >> reporter: they are suing the board of directors for renigging on a labor agreement. >> bart continues to point fingers at others. >> reporter: this legal action follo follows months of bart drama. both sides reached a tentative agreement in october, but the
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bart board of directors found a new issue and voted to reject the contract unless the union removed a provision. that provision made it into the final contract, according to the board, by mistake. >> we showed them what we were voting on. their package matched our package section by section, letter by letter, sentence by sentence. >> it was never discussed back and forth. >> reporter: here we are. not back at the bargaining table, but at a stalemate. both sides they're willing to negotiate, but no talks at this time. >> hopefully both sides will work something out. thanks so much. after a one day delay, a new planned parenthood clinic opened
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on the peninsula today. it is on north fair oaks. a handful of demonstrators showed up to protest the opening. some neighbors say it will bring property values down. some say the clinic will offer valuable services to women. up next, dozens of people forced out of their homes. why the navy is clearing out several homes and residents on treasure island. creating science projects out of scrap. >> it's so cool and so weird and wacky and different. looking at them just gets you excited about, wow, what is that thing. >> how a local teach developed a nonprofit that helped thousands of classrooms. protesters are putting
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pressure on the district attorney to throw the book at the officer who killed young andy lopez. i'll have a live report coming up.
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seven weeks after the deadly shooting of a 13-year-old at the hands of a sheriff's deputy, changes could be headed to the county. some question whether if it's enough. we're live where a protest is underway tonight. >> reporter: protesters have gathered at a veterans building. they want the da to throw the book at the officer who killed andy lopez. the board of supervisors today signaled they're willing to
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support some reforms. >> i believe andy has given us the opportunity to build the community and improve quality of life. >> reporter: they're committed to making that happen. seven weeks after the fatal shooting of 13-year-old andy lopez by a sheriff's deputy who thought the replica gun was a real one, supervisors accepted recommendations for sweeping changes. >> i believe and i hope looking ahead in the future. unfortunately this tragic event can lead to something positive. >> reporter: requiring officers to wear lapel cameras and constructing a park near the shooting scene. >> look behind you and you'll see nothing but an empty field. it's been this way forever. the children do not have a place to play.
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this is their playground right here. weeds. >> reporter: he'd welcome a park along with the other proposed changes, but even more important is justice. he and others are calling on the district attorney to file charges against the officer who killed the boy. >> if you or i had done something like this, we would be in jail. we wouldn't be free. >> reporter: we are back here live where you can see the protest is underway. we tried to reach the district attorney today, but she declined to return our phone calls. she is committed to uncovering the facts in this case and supports a deliberate step-by -step investigation. the navy says it's a toxic clean up and they want everyone out of their homes. the people being forced out want some answers.
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they're being relocated elsewhere on treasure island so the navy can clean up toxic material buried in an old waste disposal site. everyone found about this in a letter. neighbors say they're also concerned about these relocations. >> these are my neighbors. i've lived next to these people for years and years and years. what is this? what type of work is it? why now? >> it's been a long debate. the four acre island was an old navy base. they're cute and cuddly and they're helping travelers at san francisco international airport feel a little bit stress about flying. eight stress relief dogs are walking the terminals. it's called the wag brigade. volunteers will handle the dogs who wear vests with the words pet me on them.
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>> we want to make sure we can provide as much stress relief and comfort to the passengers who are hanging out during the hectic holiday season. >> it appears to be working. they've been selected for their temperment and airport suitability. many school teachers end up spending their own money on class supplies and projects. >> but thanks to one woman, they've been able to pay less during the last few years. >> reporter: they were amazed at how their particular idea of helping others took off. mary simon is not one of those people. the executive director for raft says she knew the idea she had 20 years ago would be big. her prediction is tonight's bay
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area proud. inside this building in sunnyvale, in the heart of silicon valley where so many new products are born, you will find a warehouse filled with things waiting to be reborn. box after box overflowing with old film canisters, surplus packing material, anything. and we mean anything some local business could not longer find a use for, but mary simon can. >> it's a pie pet tray. >> reporter: she loved creating hands-on math and science projects for her students. >> you need stuff. you have to have a pile of stuff. >> reporter: stuff mary couldn't buy enough of on a teacher's salary, so she became a scrounger. whatever companies didn't want, she would gladly take and turn into projects for her kids.
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mary became so good at it, she decided to turn pro and the resource area for teaching was born. >> i really wanted to make an impact with kids not just in my own classroom, but by supporting teachers and giving them the things i had fallen in love with. >> reporter: 20 years later, r.a.f.t. is an educational juggernaut. 100,000 cubic feet of stuff a year has been transformed into educational material. the finished projects and some raw materials are made available to 8,000 teacher members serving more than 600,000 students in the south bay and peninsula. r.a.f.t. is as big as mary
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thought it would be because she knew all along it would be stuff that students would love. >> it feeds your soul when you see that response. >> reporter: after 20 years at the helm, mary is stepping down this spring. she's looking to be reborn a bit herself. an interesting question for mary. if you had all the money in the world, wouldn't it be great because you wouldn't go out business? she said no, what this does inspiring imagination, creativity in individual teachers is something we would always need. you can never really budget for that. >> teachable projects that you learn something from. >> all the money in the world, they would still be doing what
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they're doing giving teachers inspiration for math and science projects. if you're in education in the south bay, you know about r.a.f.t. we're talking about the cold temperatures outside and covering plants. >> a lot of this cooling in large part can be attributed to the past three to four hours. a lot of radiational cooling right now. a look outside at our sky camera network here in san francisco. down to 41 degrees at 7:00 a.m. 53 in the forecast. you'll notice across the east bay where we start off in the morning. we'll get a jump by the afternoon, but only to 50
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degrees. with those chilly temperatures again in the forecast, let's get you to the most critical spot tonight where it will be the coldest. that's going to be into the north bay right on down to sonoma. that's where it's going to be the worst. as we head throughout wednesday night and thursday morning, most of the bay area will continue under this freeze warning. temperatures could range from 25 to 36 degrees. there's definitely something happening in the atmosphere to create this and it is all about the jet stream. positioned in just the right fashion across the west to drag down this chilly air moving in from the north. i don't see this pattern shifting for about four to five days. we're going to stay locked in the freezer, so to speak, as we head throughout that forecast. wednesday morning, we'll see the
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chillest temperatures. 27 in napa. thursday, north bay going down to the low 20s. potentially 32 down here towards san jose. let's take a look at the details. you want to bring the pets inside, cover up those plants. don't forget, but make sure to wear those layers. it helps to trap heat next to your body helping you stay warmer longer. yes, it's going to be chilly. numbers going down by about 5 degrees. temperatures ranging from 50 to about 55 degrees. you'll find across the north bay and east bay and trivalley will stay from 50 to about 53 degrees as well.
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that storm track, it's going to stay active as we head throughout the next three to four days. friday's forecast, we're tracking what could be rain drops by friday night moving across the bay. >> did you say we're going to be locked in the freezer for a while? >> yes, we are. coming up next, local workers suing jack in a box. >> now they say jack in a box is retaliating.
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fast food workers in the east bay claim jack in a box is retailuati retaliating against them for
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wanting better wages. more than 60 workers have been fired since the strike earlier this year. they believe the managers targeted them because of their race and immigration status and for speaking out. >> the reasons have varied. some were not given any reason. they were just told that their last shift would be in a couple of days. >> some of the employees say they were forced to go through extensive immigration checks. the company would not comment about the specific complaints. quote, jack in a box is sensitive to the fact that loyal, hard working people have been affected by these determinations. the sunnyvale city council is expected to decide tonight if they'll go forward with a new office park. it will consistent of six eight-story buildings. the project is designed by the
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same person who did moffett towers a few years ago. it's a huge milestone for a bay area woman who is 100 years old. we'll explain that next.
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today a 100-year-old fremont woman was sworn in as a u.s. citizen. >> this doesn't happen very often. she is originally from china. she spent most of her life living in hong kong. when she was just 80 years old,
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she decided to move to canada do join her son and daughter-in-law. when she was 90 years old, she came here to america to live with her daughter. >> she likes the weather. >> the weather? >> yeah, and the people. >> she loves the weather. it's going to be cold. to give you some perspective, in the past 50 years less than 20  people 100 years or older have been naturalized as u.s. citizens. >> such a cute lady. >> congratulations. it's going to get cold. >> temperatures are going to be dropping all across the bay. you can see those clear skies. we could have some upper 30s and low 40s. they'll mean tomorrow morning a few isolated 20s.
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we'll detail it for more in the 6:00 p.m. show. >> see you at 6:00. good night. >> nightly news is next. vestigators about the deadly commuter train derailment as we hear dramatic calls for help. pensions at risk in one of the biggest bankruptcy cases in american history. the ruling today in detroit that means a lot of americans could lose the money they were counting on to live. deep freeze, the art tonight about record cold hitting a huge part of the country. wild temperature swings from coast to coast. and paying tribute. an enormous outpouring for a young boy who inspired so many. "nightly news" begins now. good evening, the

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